So you want to make some extra money, but not sure exactly how?

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For the past 18 years, I have been making a six-figure plus income from side hustles.

Some of my friends call me "fingers" or four n twenty" because they say I have my fingers in many pies. The truth is I don't really, just a couple... ones that make me money.

What they don't know about are all the side hustle ideas I've had and started and failed at. Maybe they'd call me something else if they knew about those. But in hindsight, it's those many failures that have ultimately helped me succeed in making money full time from side hustles.

You see, after nearly 20 years of side hustling, I can tell you what is a complete waste of time and more importantly, what has the potential to make money.

Very early on in my working life, one of my boss's called me an "ideas guy" ... The problem with being an ideas guy is unless you put some of your ideas into action they are nothing but ideas... they are worthless. 

Until now.

One day I was having a coffee with a client of my local digital marketing consultancy (one of my side hustles) who was telling me they wished they made more money from all the hours they invested in their business.

After listening to what they did to make money I suggested a different approach that allowed them to leverage their time and make money while they slept. Today that person makes a nice income... a lot more than they were before... working less than a quarter of the time.

It wasn't until this happened a few times and people started referring their friends to come and talk to me about their ideas or business that I realised I had gained a very special talent from all my years' side hustling.

I had become a side hustle (money-making) expert. 

Today I charge clients for what I call a "money maker consultation" where I listen to them about their ideas and business and then tell them what they need to do to make more money.

I offer a money-back guarantee whereby at the end of the consultation if they feel it was not worth my fee then I simply return it.

It's a no-brainer. 

They get value out of it... they pay me. If they don't get any value ...they don't pay me.

99.9% of people pay my consultation fee. If you are interested in starting a side hustle or making money from an idea or run a business and want to leverage your time and make more money I encourage you to reach out to me. I might just open the right door.

In the meantime feel free to download my FREE SIDE HUSTLE IDEAS BLUEPRINT TO SUCCESS E-BOOK.

All the best,
Jimmy Dean - Founder Side Hustle Ideas

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